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Disposal of International Catering Waste (ICW)

International catering waste (ICW) is considered to be food, galley waste and associated packaging sourced from outside of the Falkland Islands EEZ. ICW carries a risk of introducing pests and diseases. It must be disposed of by either incineration or through deep burial. Food waste may be disposed at sea according to MARPOL regulations, but packaging needs to be incinerated onboard or disposed ashore.

Facilities for disposal of ICW are limited and expensive so we ask you to minimise the ICW that requires disposal ashore in the Islands.

  • Vessels visiting FIPASS: ICW must be sealed in plastic bags and placed in the designated yellow ICW / Galley Waste bin.
  • Yachts at other moorings: ICW must be sealed in the yellow biohazard bags issued to you by Customs upon entry to the Falklands. Customs will collect the bags for safe disposal when clearing your vessel for departure. Alternatively ICW can be disposed of at the Department of Agriculture, in theyellow bin situated in the corner of the car park.

~ If you have any other queries regarding bringing items into the Falkland Islands or other biosecurity queries, then please contact us.