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The majority of the Falkland Islands Company Limited’s correspondence was accessioned in 2013 and work is ongoing on cataloguing. The inward despatches have now been boxed as Series C. Series D consists of copies of outward despatches which were bound in manuscript books. Correspondence to/from the Falkland Islands Government and sundry inward correspondence is filed under Series E.

The Precis of Subjects has been mostly transcribed from the volumes named with additional data added. The details of Falkland Islands Government correspondence was prepared for internal staff use and is not necessarily a complete description of topics.


pdfDespatches C & D - 1867 to 1938.pdf(223.38 KB)

pdfD12 - Outwards Precis - 11 Jul 1910 to 11 Oct 1915.pdf(1.11 MB)

pdfD13 - Outwards Precis - 9 Nov 1915 to 29 Dec 1922.pdf(1.17 MB)

pdfMiscellaneous E - 1858 to 1899.pdf(220.87 KB)

pdfFalkland Islands Government Inwards & Outwards EG - 1871 to 1913.pdf(295.05 KB)

pdfSundry Local Inwards ES - 1902 to 1917.pdf(271.1 KB)

pdfSundry Overseas Inwards ES - 1906 to 1918.pdf(262.03 KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors in the listing and transcribing of these records.

Copyright guide:

Copies of government records may be used freely for private research and educational purposes. If material is to be used for commercial publication, exhibition or broadcast the written permission of the Jane Cameron National Archives must first be obtained. Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references. For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.