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Camp Constituency
Portfolio: Energy and Environment

Tel: 54754
email: tbarkman@sec.gov.fk

Teslyn Barkman represents the Camp Constituency of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands.

Trained as an artist, her career in observing politics started as a Journalist for Penguin News. From there she helped to promote the 2013 Referendum and started a career in Public Relations and Media soon after.

She is a keen runner and has won two marathons in Stanley, and has competed at the Island Games. With a small child her running career has been paused, but she is still a keen artist who donates most of her work now to charity.

In 2018 her family will move to Bleaker Island to run the Island’s farm and tourism business.

Teslyn has the portfolio lead for Energy, Environment and Natural Resources with secondary responsibility on Public Protection