The role of the Internal Audit Office is to provide independent assurance that Falkland Islands Government’s governance, risk management and internal control processes are operating effectively.

We assist the Government to achieve its objectives, by providing assurance, and undertakes activities that add value and improve operations.

We apply a risk-based approach when preparing our plans, which covers both financial and non-financial systems, controls and risks. The plan is discussed and agreed with management and approved by the Standing Finance Committee (opens in new window).

The annual plan concentrates on key strategic and operational risks and covers sufficient controls and activities to enable the head of internal audit to express an annual opinion, with an appropriate level of assurance, on the overall adequacy and effectiveness of government’s risk management, control and governance processes.

 In addition we also carry out research and write reports on behalf of the Public Accounts Committee, into key value for money issues, often relating to lartge projects. This work currently constitutes 30 days per year.