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The European Earwig was recently introduced to the Falkland Islands and has since become abundant in the Port Stanley and Mount Pleasant Airport area. To date the main outbreaks are restricted to these two areas, but specimens have been discovered on farmsteads. Earwigs now cause huge damage to garden crops and also pose a number of health hazards (e.g. hiding in in asthma inhalers). There is also a risk that earwigs will eventually spread into heathlands and irreversibly alter the native ecosystem. Attempts at chemical control have led to considerable annual costs.

Earwigs have turned into a pest species on the Falklands largely because they arrived without their natural enemies which control their numbers in Europe. Biological control offers an economical and sustainable way to address such imbalances. It involves the deliberate release of specialist natural enemies from the invasive specie's native range. The aim is to reduce the number of earwigs to a level where they cause very little damage. This method will not, however, lead to the complete eradication of the targeted species.
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