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Under the Conservation of Wildlife and Nature Ordinance 1999, eggs of the following bird species may be collected under permit:
• Gentoo penguins
• Magellanic penguins
• Flightless steamer duck
• Patagonian crested duck,
• Yellow-billed teal
• Kelp gull

The licence issued under the ordinance must specify the quantity, species and location from which eggs may be collected and collection is permitted only for personal consumption.

In the last five years, licences have only been requested for one species: the Gentoo penguin. The current Gentoo penguin egging policy was agreed by the Environmental Committee in July 2008, ‘Each colony is allowed to be egged to a number that is equal to 33% of the total number of nests, using data from Falkland Conservation's five year penguin census and annual counts, and any other relevant counts made by landowners; One licence per colony will be issued and the landowner should be responsible for ensuring that only one application and collection is made; Eggs taken under licence may be given, but not sold, to other people’.

The application form can be found on the application form page.