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The Falkland Islands Government welcomes environmental and scientific research of the Falklands' wildlife, habitats and landscapes.

Researchers wishing to undertake scientific studies on physical and natural environmental science or make collections for educational purposes in the Falkland Islands must obtain a
Research Permit before travelling to the Falkland Islands. Researchers whose activities involve capturing and handling animal and plant species protected by national legislation require a research permit to work on wild animal and plants in the Falkland Islands.

Researchers are asked to complete all sections of the research licence form, sign and date it and send it to the FIG Environmental Planning Department at the address given. Electronic submission is preferred and the form and any associated required documents should be submitted in word format only. For postal applications, researchers should allow at least four weeks for the application to be received.

While some applications can be considered outside committee, most go to the Environment Committee, which meets every two months. This may add considerable time to the determination of the application. For this reason, we emphasise the need for early contact with officers of the Environmental Planning Department, particularly for projects undertaken by research workers outside of the Falkland Islands.

The application form and guidance can be found on the application form page