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We recommend for tourist information that you look at the Falkland Islands Tourist Board website.   Site pamphlets are available on this site's downloads page (click here).


  • Always ask permission before entering private land.
  • Keep to paths wherever possible.  Leave gates open or shut as you find them.
  • Be aware of the high fire risk throughout the Islands.  Be extremely careful when smoking not to start fires.  Take cigarette butts away with you.
  • Do not drop litter*.  Take your rubbish home with you.
  • Do not disfigure rocks or buildings.
  • Do not touch, handle, injure or kill any wild bird or other wild animal*.
  • Never feed any wild animals.
  • Always give animals the right of way.  Remember not to block the routes of seabirds and seals coming ashore to their colonies.
  • Try to prevent any undue disturbance to wild animals.  Stay on the outside of bird and seal colonies.  Remain at least 6 m (20 ft) away.  When taking photographs or filming stay low to the ground.  Move slowly and quietly.  Do not startle or chase wildlife from resting or breeding areas.
  • Some plants are protected and should not be picked*. Wildflowers are there for all to enjoy.
  • Whalebones, skulls, eggs or other such items may not be exported from the Falkland Islands*.  They should be left where they are found.

* Such actions (with a few special exceptions) may constitute an offence in the Falkland Islands and could result in fines up to £3,000.

Download Falkland Conservation's image version of the Countryside Code.