The current Falkland Islands Development Plan was adopted in 2015.

The Development Plan provides a framework for the future spatial development of the Islands (including the determination of planning applications). It includes the Islands-wide Structure Plan, which provides the overall strategic approach, and Local Plans which provide more detail for areas within the Islands. Currently there is a Local Plan for Stanley (known as the Town Plan).

Although these two elements (the Structure Plan and Town Plan) are presented together in the document below for ease of use, legally they are separate entities and so are written and set out in a way which allows them to be reviewed and updated independently as and when required.

The document includes:
• a summary of the Development Plan;
• the Structure Plan (Part 1); and
• the Town Plan (Part 2).

Development Plan Written Statement Filesize 1.93 MB Download 444

The Structure Plan is accompanied by a map.

Structure Plan Map Filesize 8.71 MB Download 402

Structure Plan Map Low Resolution Filesize 2.06 MB Download 242

The Town Plan is accompanied by a map, which is available to download below.

Town Plan Map (Full) Filesize 2.57 MB Download 427

If you have difficulty downloading the full Town Plan map, extracts can be downloaded below.

Town Plan Extract 1 Filesize 118.78 KB Download 211

Town Plan Extract 2 Filesize 696.94 KB Download 282

Town Plan Extract 3 Filesize 334.39 KB Download 229

Town Plan Extract 4 Filesize 902.19 KB Download 310

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