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 2015 Review of the Development Plan

The Development Plan was reviewed during 2013-2015 and the updated plan adopted in 2015. The key papers to Executive Council and evidence base which supported this review is available for download below.

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Evidence Base: The plan is informed by a number of evidence base documents, which can be downloaded below.  

E1. Consultation Summary

{jd_file file==752}

E1a. Consultation Summary Annex 1

{jd_file file==753}

E1b. Consultation Summary Annex 2

{jd_file file==754}

E2. Housing Land Availability Paper

{jd_file file==755}

E3. Employment Land Report

{jd_file file==756}

E4. Greenspace Summary

{jd_file file==757}

E4a. Greenspace Map

{jd_file file==758}

E5. Conservation Area Appraisal

{jd_file file==759}

E6. The Islands Plan 2014-18

{jd_file file==760}

E7. Towards an Infrastructure Delivery Plan

{jd_file file==761}

E8. Socio-Economic Study of Oil & Gas Development in the Falklands

{jd_file file==762}

E9. Economic Development Strategy

{jd_file file==763}

E10. Waterfront Masterplan

{jd_file file==764}

E11. Rural Development Strategy

{jd_file file==765}

E12. Biodiversity Strategy

{jd_file file==766}

E13. Waste Management Action Plan

{jd_file file==748}