Planning Guidance Notes do not have the same status as the development plan, but are a material consideration which must be taken into account when making planning decisions. 

PGN 1 EIA Filesize 26.09 KB Download 351

PGN 2 Owners Guide to Listed Buildings Filesize 23.48 KB Download 259

PGN3 Canache Management Plan Filesize 810.73 KB Download 260

PGN4 Guide to New Development within the Conservation Area Filesize 404.26 KB Download 150

Planning Information Notes

Planning Information Notes have no formal status - they are only intended to provide helpful advice and clarification.


PIN 1 Development Plans Filesize 668.64 KB Download 178
PIN 2 Applying for Planning Permission or Building Permit Filesize 239.4 KB Download 249
PIN 3 Permitted Development Filesize 5.32 MB Download 295
PIN 4 Listed Buildings & Structures Filesize 60.5 KB Download 197

Information is also available on the Building Control pages, including a simple guide to plan drawing.