List of achievements of School Council in Term 1 2017-2018

  • PJ Day- raised £323.70 for victims of Hurricane Irma disaster in the British Virgin Islands
  • Article in Newsletter introducing School Council for 2017-2018
  • Article in Penguin News thanking school for great effort in PJ day fund raiser
  • Made new School Council noticeboard-items arew changed/reviewed weekly
  • Made School Council suggestion boxes for all classes from FS2 to Yr 6 to encourage as many children in our school as possible to share their ideas with school council
  • and develop 'student voice'
  • Read and discussed ideas (19) given to school council in Term 1 - compiled into a list to discuss some ideas further with Mrs Milston/ Mrs Steen
  • Made new School Council suggestion slips
  • Discussed and developed new School Council initiative- Guest School Councillor- to further develop School Council capacity and encourage keen students (69 children came to the initial 'School Council interest' meeting and we are keen to encourage all)
  • Discussed 'Guest School Councillor' idea with classes and compiled list of interested children in each year group who we can invite
  • Designed and made 'Guest School Councillor' slips- We will invite 2 Guests to a meeting beginning in Term 2
  • Discussed School Rules/ Playground rules as requested by Mrs Milston
  • Each school councillor and 2 guest councillors made a Christmas tree decoration for the Cathedral's tree festival

School Council 2017/2018

Mia Harris, Hugo Francis, Kalista Henry, Aaliyah Stroud, Toyah Wilson, Jack Mountford, Ben Brickle-Steen, Sophie McLean.