Remembrance Day

House Captains Fight Back!

Big Thank You!

A message from Charity worker- Mari Davis:

I thought you would be excited to see the little children in their new shoes all bought by the money raised from your Odd Shoes day at school.

So we bought 28 pairs of shoes for 28 children. These are not all the children. Looks like about 21 of them.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU so very much and really do appreciate your work, the teachers and that of your children and parents too.



Invitation from MLA Bragger

MLA Bragger invited School Council to Gilbert House for one of their School Council Meetings to share 'The Islands Plan.'

School Council were great ambassadors for our school and asked questions of MLA Bragger and answered his questions, showing great understanding and respect for the Falkland Islands in their answers.


Odd Shoe Day

Odd Shoe Day

List of achievements of School Council in 2017-2018

  • 28 shoes brought for 28 Children in Yala- Big thank you!
  • Invited to Gilbert House by MLA Bragger to discuss the 'Islands Plan'
  • Odd Shoe day - raised £305 to help buy shoes for the children in URAFIKI
  • PJ Day- raised £323.70 for victims of Hurricane Irma disaster in the British Virgin Islands
  • Article in Newsletter introducing School Council for 2017-2018
  • Article in Penguin News thanking school for great effort in PJ day fund raiser
  • Made new School Council noticeboard-items arew changed/reviewed weekly
  • Made School Council suggestion boxes for all classes from FS2 to Yr 6 to encourage as many children in our school as possible to share their ideas with school council
  • and develop 'student voice'
  • Read and discussed ideas (19) given to school council in Term 1 - compiled into a list to discuss some ideas further with Mrs Milston/ Mrs Steen
  • Made new School Council suggestion slips
  • Discussed and developed new School Council initiative- Guest School Councillor- to further develop School Council capacity and encourage keen students (69 children came to the initial 'School Council interest' meeting and we are keen to encourage all)
  • Discussed 'Guest School Councillor' idea with classes and compiled list of interested children in each year group who we can invite
  • Designed and made 'Guest School Councillor' slips- We will invite 2 Guests to a meeting beginning in Term 2
  • Discussed School Rules/ Playground rules as requested by Mrs Milston
  • Each school councillor and 2 guest councillors made a Christmas tree decoration for the Cathedral's tree festival

School Council 2017/2018

Mia Harris, Hugo Francis, Kalista Henry, Aaliyah Stroud, Toyah Wilson, Jack Mountford, Ben Brickle-Steen, Sophie McLean.