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Peat Cutting Monday

Well that is the end of Week 5 of this term already!  Time flies when you are having fun!

All of IJS&CE are excited to see Steve Backshall zipping round the ‘Strictly’ ballroom – we were all enthralled in an assembly by visitors Steve and his ‘Deadly 60’ team while they were on their southern ocean adventures – good luck Steve, everyone in IJS&CE is cheering you on.

We have our own TV stars on FITV this week with Mrs Furniss (Y5), Mr Harrington (Y6), Mr Harris (Y3), and Mrs Walsh (Y4) being interviewed and featuring on the local channel.  Watch out for our new Camp Education teachers featuring soon.  Mr Moyles also joins us this week from Ireland, he will be our Year 1 teacher which will enable the school to finally implement non-contact time for teachers for planning, preparation and assessment.  This is very apt news to announce on International Teacher Day.

Monday is a public holiday in the Falkland Islands – ‘Peat Cutting Monday’.  Personally, I view it as a reason to keep as far away from peat as possible, However, it is with a certain nostalgia that I remember discovering (at age 8) that swimming goggles are the perfect way to allow peat rickling in the Falklands wind to be an acceptable task.  Watch this video to see peat cutting in action:


It is a tradition that is quickly dying out in the Falklands so we make sure that our children learn about it in school:

Our School Council has some exciting projects lined up including some super incentives for children to ensure that they do their best to avoid losing 'Golden Time'.  I shall ask our Chairperson Amy to write a piece about the idea.