Teacher: Mrs Hartley
LSA's: Mrs Spicer, Miss McGill and Mrs Clifford
Classroom location on the school plan: 1 Stanley House Grounds

Super Spider Maths!

FS1 were learning all about the number 8 during Maths week.  We painted spiders, drew spiders and used pegs to make spider legs.  We also made sausage and pasta spiders which were very tricky to eat. We had to count very carefully each time to make sure they had 8 legs.


FS1 spidersFS1 spiders1FS1 Spiders2FS1 Spiders3

Term 1 in FS1

Everyone got off to a fabulous start at the beginning of the school year.  There are so many fun and exciting things to do in FS1!


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first week 001 2first week 002 2FIRST WEEK 012first week 4 005first week 5 001