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2012/13 School Times

Welcome back to all students and staff from the Infant Junior School and Camp Education!  We are looking forward to the new academic year and thought it might help to give you a quick reminder of term dates and opening and closing times.  The new academic year starts Tuesday 4th September 2012 and ends on Friday 14th December 2012; the half term holiday is Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October.  School is closed Monday 1st October 2012 for Peat Cutting Monday and Monday 10th December 2012 in lieu of Battle Day. 

Class Times

FS1 (Pre-school) in the grounds of Stanley House:
Mornings: 9.05am – 11.45am
Afternoons: 1.15pm – 3.15pm 

At the main IJS site: FS2 (Reception) to Y6
Mornings: 8.55am – 12.00pm
Afternoons: 1.25pm – 3.30pm