Teacher 1: Miss Poole & Mrs Brennan (job share)
Classroom location on the school plan: 9
LSA's: Mr Gomez and Mrs Stroud

Ancient Egyptian Day - Tuesday 11th July

As an exciting end to our topic all about Ancient Egypt we had a theme day where we all dressed up! We started the day solving some hieroglyphic maths problems. Can you work out the answer to this one?  

We then made Ancient Egyptian death masks.


During the morning we took turns to enter Tutankhamen’s tomb where we learned about life in Ancient Egypt from the tomb paintings and artefacts (it was really dark!).


At lunch time we were treated to samples of foods that the Ancient Egyptians would have eaten: Pitta with hummus, sesame bread with honey, date candies and pomegranate juice. It was interesting to learn that Ancient Egyptians ate bread with every meal and did not have potatoes. Also they did not have sugar, so used honey to sweeten food.


After lunch and a break to stretch our legs we learned all about mummification and enjoyed watching the teachers act it out (no one was really mummified we promise!). We then had a mummy making competition using tissues! Can you guess who the mummies are?


We danced like an Egyptian to the classic Bangles tune ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ and sang a lovely song about mummification! 


Thank you to everyone at home for making the great costumes!



Year 3 are busy learning all about volcanoes, we really enjoyed erupting our model volcano and are now practising a volcano dance! 

volcano 1 volcano 2


World Cycle To School Day

On world cycle to school day we read Mrs Armitage on wheels by Quentin Blake.  It is a very funny story but she isn’t very safe on her bike, so some of the year 6 children came and spoke to us about cycle safety (our teachers were very impressed with their teaching!) We used the information from year 6 to write a letter to Mrs Armitage to remind her how to cycle safely. 

y6 cycle talk

letter 1a letter 1b

letter 2a letter 2b

Quentin Blake Art Work

This term we have been reading and enjoying the beautifully written and illustrated books by Quentin Blake.  We were inspired to recreate some of his lovely art work, here’s a sneaky peek, but don’t forget to come along to the Sue Whitley Art Exhibition to see more!

qb art 3

 qb art 4 qb art 1

qb art 2

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Class Assembly

In term 2 year 3 produced a dazzling spectacle of scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had been studying play scripts and the elements of good performance.