Teacher 1: Mrs Tibble
Classroom location on school map: 18

Teacher 2: Mr Harrison
Classroom Location on school map: 19
LSA:  Mrs Bonner


In February Year 5 took part in their annual Camp to Goose Green. We explored the ruins at Saldero, walked to Bodie Creek Bridge and camped in the infamous Goose Green Hall. Thanks to The Galley for the yummy suppers! Exploring, walking, climbing and eating! A wonderful time was had by all.

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Practical Maths

One sunny morning at IJS, the Y5 teachers took the opportunity for some Maths learning outside the classroom! The team challenge was to draw a circle on the ground using only chalk and string. The question was to see if there was a relationship between a circle’s diameter and its radius. Great investigating skills!


maths circles 1 maths circles 2 maths circles 3

Victorian Day

Back in the first term we also held a Victorian day where we experienced Victorian lessons from harsh teachers! Finger-stocks, dunce-hats and slate boards were the order of the day, but our favourite bit was the grey, murky gruel! Delicious!

Victorian day yr 5 2 Victorian day yr 5 3 Victorian day yr 5 7

Victorian day yr 5 1 Victorian day yr 5 5 Victorian day yr 5 6  Victorian day yr 5 8Victorian day yr 5 4 


Artisanal Breadmaking

Term 1’s Design and Technology topic for Year 5 was Breadmaking. We made a variety of breads: soda bread, flat bread and yeast bread buns. Finally, we innovated recipes by adding cheese and seeds with delicious results! We can now follow recipes and adapt them to our own tastes. Yum!

Breadmaking Yr 5 1 Breadmaking Yr 5 2 Breadmaking Yr 5 3 Breadmaking Yr 5 4 Breadmaking Yr 5 5 Breadmaking Yr 5 6