A3 License Map 

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Please note: An A3 legislation poster of all Offshore and Minerals Legislation and their amendments is available from the link below. Please note that certain pieces of legislation have been amended by separate orders rather than by standalone amendments. Operators are therefore recommended to familiarise themselves with this map to avoid misinterpreting current legislation.


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A 7MB pack (zipped) of all the below legislation is available for  download below:


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Offshore Minerals Ordinance


Licensing Legislation


Health & Safety Legislation


Safety Zones & Jurisdiction


Mining Ordinance


Environmental Legislation

*NOTE: The UK Environment Protection (Overseas Territories) Order 1988 was applied to the Falkland Islands by the Environment Protection (Overseas Territories)(Amendment) Order 1997. Although this order is largely similar to the Falkland Islands Marine Environment (Protection) Ordinance 1995 above, under the UK Colonial Laws Validity Act of 1865 if there is any contradiction between the two the UK legislation shall have precedence. For further guidance please contact the Department.


Relevant Tax Legislation


Licence applications and PONS Licence Applications



Guidance Notes

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Petroleum Operation Notices


Zipped folder of all PONs
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.1 - Record and sample requirements for surveys and wells (Revised 2016)

Record and sample requirements for surveys and wells

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Petroleum Operations Notice No.2 - Reporting (Revised 2016)

Reporting Procedures  (Revised July 2010)

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Petroleum Operations Notice No.3 - Notification of Geophysical Surveys (Revised May 2012)
Date 2012-08-12
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.4 - Application for Consent to drill Exploration, Appraisal and Development Wells (Revised May 2012)
Date 2012-08-12
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Date 2012-08-12
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.5 Application to Abandon or Temporarily Abandon a Well (Revised May 2012)
Date 2012-08-12
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.6 - Application to Complete and/or Workover a Well (Revised May 2012)
Date 2012-08-12
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.7 - Well Numbering System (Revised May 2012)
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.8 - Oil Pollution (Revised Jan 2015)
Date 2015-01-14
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Petroleum Operations Notice No.9 - Reporting Of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences (Revised May 2012)
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Petroleum Operations Notice No. 10 - Application to Use and Discharge Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids and Associated Cuttings
Date 2013-12-20
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Geological Papers