The Falkland Islands aim to have a transparent and accountable process for approving environmental documents. Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) are subject to a 42 day public consultation process and must be made publicly available throughout this and once the final document has been approved. In 2016 a guidance document was produced by FIG with input from industry and consultees. This document is available below.

Date 2015-10-19
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The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) and companies operating in the Falklands agreed at the Environmental Forum in 2015 that Waste Management Plans should also be made publicly available. This encourages greater understanding of operations and processes surrounding waste disposal from exploration drilling.

EIS Documents

Date 2015-05-14
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Premier Oil EIA submission for 2015 exploration drilling campaign.

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Waste Management Plans (WMP)

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Hitorical EIS Documents

The following documents were approved under previous legislation. They are now obsolete and do not represent legally compliant Environment Impact Statements under the current legislative regime.

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