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  • Renewable Energy in the Falkland Islands
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From Friday 29th August 2014 until Friday 26th September, a public consultation regarding telecommunications services in the Falkland Islands will be carried out.

At present, telecommunications are provided under an exclusive licence and the service provider is responsible for the delivery of all forms of telecommunications within the Islands, with the exception of telecommunication service activities carried out by the Ministry of Defence. The consultation will be conducted in two parts – one survey for residential users, and one for business users. Each survey in turn will be split into three sections: landline use, mobile use and Internet use. For those members of the community who have telecommunications packages for personal and business use, both surveys will need to be completed.

The survey is available online using the following links:
www.surveymonkey.com/s/figresidentialtelecoms for the Residential Survey or
www.surveymonkey.com/s/figbusinesstelecoms for the Business Survey.

Alternatively, paper copies of the survey can be found in Stanley Post Office, the Public Library, Stanley Services and Seafish Chandlery. Copies can be requested by contacting Jay Gamble in the Policy Unit on 28422 or by emailing JGamble@sec.gov.fk. Completed surveys can be returned using the deposit box in the Post Office, or addressed to The Policy Unit, Secretariat, Thatcher Drive, Stanley.

Please return completed surveys on or before Friday 26th September 2014.

For further information regarding the public consultation, please contact the Policy Unit on 28421