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The Policy & Economic Development Unit is involved in the implementation of the Tourism Development Strategy with a focus on attracting greater numbers of land-based tourists to the Islands to compliment the well-established and successful cruise ship tourism industry.

Attracting greater numbers of land based tourists requires significant improvements to the tourism product delivered by the Falkland Islands and significant additional funding  has been allocated to help to achieve it.

The Policy Unit and the Falkland Islands Government is working in partnership with organisations such as Falkland Islands Tourist Board, Falkland Islands Development Corporation and representatives from the business community to implement the Tourism Development Strategy. The Tourism Strategy Steering Group is in the progress developmong a long term strategy and work with the industry to ensure the right infrastructure and economic conditions to support growth.

In 2018, Julie Sloan was recrutied as Tourism Development Specialist to develop and implement targeted international investment initiatives, and to address gaps in the market.

For more information, please contact:

Julie Sloan, Tourism Development Specialist

Phone:+500 55430 

Email: jsloan@sec.gov.fk

Website Falkland Islands Tourist Board.