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Stanley Common is an area of public land surrounding the capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley. As with most areas of common land, it was set aside for the benefit of the community and to meet its needs. In recent years the use of Stanley Common has shifted from predominantly grazing opportunities for people in town to predominantly being used for recreational opportunities. Keeping up with the times has meant that both policy and legislation relating to the area needed to be updated.

Stanley Common

As part of the legislative review for Common land agreed by ExCo in August 2017 (143/17) a management plan for Stanley Common is sought.  The Common Ordinance 2017 was published in the Falkland Islands Gazette on the 31st of January 2018. Under the new ordinance the land defined as Stanley Common has been extended to the west to include Two Sisters Camp and has been subdivided into Category A and Category B common land. The new ordinance identifies with it the various acceptable uses and the need for a management plan to accompany it.

The Stanley Common Management Plan seeks to provide a policy document to support the legislation and provide for the pro-active management of Stanley Common with both the community and natural environment in mind. Its aim is to clearly identify management actions that embrace a vision for the future of Stanley Common for this generation to come.


The Management Plan is currently being drafted by Denise Blake, the Environmental Officer. A public consultation was completed  between December 2018 to January 2019 for members of the public to provide feedback on  how the Common is to be managed and how it will affect the activities performed on the Common.

A copy of the Stanley Common Management Plan is available below, and on our 'Strategies & Policies' Downloads page

 pdfA Management Plan for Stanley Common.pdf2.47 MB


For more information, please contact the Environmental Officer, Denise Blake.

Phone:+500 28427

Email: environmental.officer@sec.gov.fk