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A camp radio consultation was distributed to all Camp residents on Monday 17th June advising Camp residents of the roll out of the current FM packages with the aim to provide equity of services and FM coverage Island wide and to deliver an improved service with high quality reception. Residents were informed that it is hoped that the whole network will be completed by 1st June 2014 and it is anticipated that some areas may go live prior to this date.

The preferred option included BFBS Falklands, BFBS2, FIRS and BBC World Service when FIRS is off air. The consultation asked residents if they agreed with the preferred option as suggested by FIG and if not what channels they would like to see broadcast.

The deadline for the consultation was Friday 12th July and a total of 36 responses were received. 89% of respondents agreed with the preferred channels suggested by FIG. Although 11% disagreed with the preferred channels, 75% of those would prefer BBC World Service to have a dedicated channel and 25% would like St Helena Radio to have a dedicated channel.


The Camp Radio Consultation Document can be downloaded here: