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The Falkland Islands Government has released the findings of the 'Your Future – Your Say' community consultation exercise following the approval of Members.

The results reflect very strong support for phased development of the new port to serve its potential users and over three quarters of respondents preferred port design option 1; to build out into the sea, rather than causeway based. The consultation document and the full results can be downloaded on the links below.

Port Option 1

Port Design Option 1

Download the 'Your Future - Your Say' Consultation document here:

Download the 'Your Future - Your Say' Consultation Results and Comments here:

As part of the consultation process the Falkland Islands Government asked the children at the Infant and Junior School what they liked about Stanley and what they would like to see in Stanley. The responses received can be seen in the word maps below.

What do you like about Stanley?

Q1 Wordle

What don't you like about Stanley?

Q2 Wordle

What would you like to see more of in Stanley?

Q3 Wordle

What wouldn't you like to see more of in Stanley?

Q4 Wordle

Please make a list of the characteristics of your perfect town.

Q5 Wordle


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