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FIG Central Procurement Service

Results of Government tenders February - January 2020

Tender NumberTender NameDepartmentClosed Date Company Awarded to
 T-813  MPA Terminal Access Security  Emergency  19 Sept 2019  Falkland Islands Company
 T-814  Fisheries Catch Verification  Natural Resources  25 Oct 2019  Falkland Islands Company
 T-815  Electrical Materials for Sapper Hill 6  PWD  08 Nov 2019  Wilkinson & Gaviller Limited
 T-816  3 x Ford Transit Vehicles  PWD  27 Nov 2019  Clive Barford Ltd
 T-817  Review of Finfish Fisheries  Natural Resources  04 Dec 2019  MacAlister Elliott and Partners Ltd
 West Road Rehabilitation 2019-2020
PWD  22 Nov 2019
Falkland Islands Company