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Pursuant to section 10 of the Electoral Ordinance 1988, “the Registration Officer shall conduct an annual canvass for the purpose of ascertaining the persons who are for the time being entitled to be, or to remain, registered as electors in relation to a constituency”.

The enclosed Electoral Form V MUST be completed with the names of persons eligible for registration as an elector. Please see the guidance notes included with the Form V about eligibility and residence.

Please ensure that the Form is dated, signed and witnessed by one of those listed on page 2 of the Form (see note 5 in the guidance notes attached to the Form). Any Forms received that are not completed correctly will be rejected and returned. The returned Form will need to be completed and resubmitted to the Registration Officer before the deadline to ensure your name remains on the Register of Electors.


The Form needs to be completed and returned to the Registrar General no later than Tuesday 16 April 2019. Your name will be removed from the Register if a Form containing your name has not been returned by this date.



May I take this opportunity to remind you of the following:-


It has been announced that there will be a Referendum on the issue of a Single Constituency later this year.

Travel Credit Scheme

Please note that under the Travel Credit Scheme legislation which is proposed to be enacted shortly, one of the principal qualification conditions for registration under the scheme for those who are 18 years or over is their registration in the Register of Electors. Please be aware that if you are 18 years or over but are not registered in the Register of Electors, you may not be entitled to claim under the Travel Credit Scheme when it takes effect.

If you require any further assistance with any of the above, please contact the Registration Officer on 27269 or

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