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Notice from the Regulator 13th April 2017

The Telecommunications Regulator has been in discussions with Sure in relation to the upgrading the Sure satellite connection. The Regulator has sought reassurance that every effort is being made to minimise the continued impact on service.

The Regulator notes Sure’s commends of a further interruption to services as part of the continued upgrade work on Tuesday 18th April 2017.

The Regulator will continue the dialogue with Sure following the completion of the upgrade to ensure that consumer confidence is maintained.

Should anyone experience difficulties with their connection they should contact Sure on free phone 131 or email


The Communications Ordinance 2017 came into force on the 31/03/2017, which details the regulation of communications in the Falkland Islands including: imposing requirements, restrictions and conditions, setting standards in relation to activities, and securing compliance, or enforcement.

Communications regulation is completed through the Telecoms Regulator; currently this is fulfilled by the Attorney General until such time as a full time regulator is appointed.

The Exclusive Licence:

The telecommunications in the Falkland Islands are largely provided through an exclusive licence with Sure ltd. A new licence agreement was signed on 7th April 2017, which includes a number of specific KPIs aimed at improving the service provided through Sure and the customer experience.

Individual Licences

The communications ordinance 2017 allows for the provision of several individual licences for telecommunications equipment including:

  • 2 metre radio
  • Satellite phones
  • VSAT for personal use