Tax & Pensions

· To modernise and develop integrated financial management systems across all Government departments.

· To develop the Long Term Financial Plan.

· To provide up to date regulations and guidance to departments on procurement.

· To implement improvements in the fiscal framework and improve transparency.

· To review the structure of pension contributions to identify a more equitable structure.

· To review options for the longer term management of revenues in particular from the oil and gas industry.

· To introduce more structured procedures for capital accounting particularly with reference to major projects.

· Provide a systematic and well-documented framework for the preparation of FIG accounts in accordance with appropriate accounting standards and practice, to inform stakeholders and meet legislative obligations.

· Implementation of an electronic payment system.

· Provide objective, professional and relevant information and support to MLAs, Directors, FIG/GSGSSI staff and the public.

· To organise the approval of the Government’s operating and capital budgets.

· To provide corporate financial support through participation in a range of panels and committees for review and management of FIG operations and implementation of new initiatives.

· To ensure that all goods and services provided are paid for in a timely and accurate manner.

· To collect amounts due to Government in a timely and accurate manner.

· To provide central banking reserves and minting of commemorative coins to ensure that the banking system is adequately regulated and an adequate supply of cash is available within the Islands.

· To efficiently administer insurance policies.

· To prepare financial statements in line with the framework and best practice

· To ensure that statutory and discretionary pension payments & contributions are accurately recorded and managed on behalf of the Retirement Pensions Fund, Pensions (Old Scheme) Fund and the Falkland Islands Pensions Scheme.