Tax & Pensions


The following is a list of Treasury, Tax and Pension staff and their general associated responsibilities in relation to Accounting Officer queries.  The list below indicates your first point of contact in the various areas.

Treasury and Pensions

Financial Secretary – James Wilson
(Tel: +500 28400 / E-mail:

1.  Member of Legislative Assembly.

2.  Member of Executive Council.

3.  Attends Standing Finance Committee / Budget Select Committee meetings.

4.  Member of the Corporate Management Team.

5.  Commissioner of Currency.

6.  Commissioner of Taxation.

7.  Member of the Pensions Board.

8.  Financial Secretary of Government of South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands.

9.  Ad hoc departmental enquiries – Directors/MLAs/Governor.

10.   Financial Implications Reviews of ExCo.

11.   Reports to Chief Executive and post covered by Head of Finance.

Head of Finance – Andy Francis
(Tel: +500 28406 / E-mail:

1.  Leads Annual Budget process.

2.  Postmaster (including Stamp Issues).

3.  Ad hoc departmental queries – Directors and HOS.

4.  Attends Standing Finance Committee / Budget Select Committee meetings.

5.  Tender and Contract queries.

6.  Operational responsibility for the Treasury function.

7.  Reports to Financial Secretary.

Financial Accountant – Helene Jaumotte
(Tel: +500 28404 / E-mail:

1.  Financial Statements and Year end.

2.  Liaison with external auditors.

3.  Accounting Policies.

4.  FIG Investments

5.  Ad hoc departmental queries from Accounting Officers.

6.  Visa statement reconciliation queries.

7.  FIGO related queries.

8.  Insurance.

9.  Management of Exchequer and Pensions teams.

10.   Reports to Head of Finance.

Senior Accounting Assistant (Financial Accounting) – Simone Ross
(Tel: +500 28407 / Email: / South Georgia Email:

  1. Accounting support to the Financial Accountant.

  2. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

  3. Fixed asset issues.

  4. Gratuities, monitoring for accounts purposes only.

  5. FIGO related queries

  6. Reports to Financial Accountant.

    Accounting Assistant (Exchequer) – Cathy Pollard
    (Tel: +500 28413 / E-mail:

1.     Signatory queries.

2.     Payments to suppliers.

3.     Payment./Adjustment and Coding vouchers.

4.     Raising sales invoices and requesting sales credit notes.

5.     Debtor management and queries.

6.     Dynamics administration (set up new users, set up new customer/supplier accounts, set permissions).

7.     Purchase order removal from system & raising sales credit notes.

8.     Management of Exchequer team.

9.     Reports to Financial Accountant.

Senior Finance Assistant (Cashier) – Charlotte Middleton
(Tel: +500 28411 / Email:

1.  Cash receipt summaries.

2.  Petty cash.

3.  Cash pay ins.

4.  Cash collection.

5.  Issue of new receipt books/new LPR books.

6.  Payment queries relating to whether a payment has been made, when a cheque was cashed etc.

7.  Reports to Accounting Assistant (Exchequer).

Finance Assistant – Brandi Brooks
(Tel: +500 28441 / Email:

1.  Assistance with payments.

2.  Input of information to MS Dynamics.

3.  CRS notifications.

4.  Reports to Accounting Assistant (Exchequer).

Accounting Assistant (Accountancy and Lands)
(Tel: +500 28414 / Email:

1.     Preparation of Straight to Bank payment runs.

2.     Issue of Land Rent invoices.

3.     Rent Rebate queries.

4.     Reports to Financial Accountant.

Management Accountant – Elaine Pattison
(Tel: +500 28402 / Email:

1.  Budget preparation and financial monitoring activities.

2.  Ad hoc departmental queries from Budget Managers and Accounting Officers.

3.  Budget revision and virement queries.

4.  Attends Standing Finance Committee / Budget Select Committee meetings

5.  Development of reporting including MS Dynamics.

6.  Reports to Head of Finance

Accounting Assistant (Posts and Statistics) – Anika Jaffray
(Tel: +500 28418 / Email:

1.     Stamp stock management.

2.     Post Terminal Dues.

3.     Treasury KPI’s.

4.     Radio Licences.

5.     Family Allowances.

6.     Meter Cards.

7.     FIG Mortgages.

8.     Reports to Management Accountant.

Senior Accounting Assistant (Pensions) – Diana Aldridge
(Tel: +500 28416 / Email:

1.  Managing the administration of the Retirement Pension Fund and Pensions Old Scheme Fund.

2.  Attends FIPS Board Meetings.

3.  Pensions Accounting.

4.  FIPS queries.

5.  Reports to Financial Accountant.

Pensions Assistant – Tansie Bonner
(Tel: +500 28417 / Email:

1.     Retirement Pension Contributions administration and queries.

2.     Secretary of the Retirement Pensions Board of Management.

3.     Administering of Contribution Credits and Winter Fuel Allowance.

4.     Reports to Senior Accounting Assistant (Pensions).

PA to Financial Secretary – Margaret Butler
(Tel: +500 28403 / Email:

1.     Secretary to the Standing Finance Committee and Budget Select Committees

2.     Lottery Licences.

3.     Arranging appointments to the Financial Secretary.

4.     General Treasury queries.


Taxation Office

The following is a list of Taxation staff and their associated responsibilities in relation to taxation queries.  The below list indicates your first point of contact in the various areas.

Head of Taxation

  1. Objections and Appeals.
  2. Complex tax issues.
  3. Final stages of debt collection.
  4. Tax policy and strategy.
  5. Tax data requests to assist with FIG policy decisions and ad hoc advice on tax consequences of any proposals.
  6. Oil taxation policy and legislation.
  7. Operational responsibility for the management and oversight of the Taxation Office including management of Deputy HoT and Company Taxation Officer.

Deputy Taxation Officer

  1. Complex individual tax issues.
  2. Employer compliance.
  3. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands tax system.
  4. Management of Assistant Taxation Officers and Data Clerk/Receptionist.

Company Taxation Officer

  1. Management of company tax compliance.
  2. Company tax queries & issues.
  3. Reviewing and assessing companies.
  4. Corporation debt collection.
  5. Support to HoT on Oil corporate taxation.

Senior Assistant Taxation Officer

  1. Reviewing and assessing companies.
  2. Oil taxation compliance.
  3. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands tax system.
  4. Complex individual tax issues.

Assistant Taxation Officers

  1. Assessing individual tax returns.
  2. Residency for tax purposes.
  3. Simple business accounts.
  4. General obligations under the POAT Regulations.
  5. Oil POAT returns, individuals and general corporation tax.

Data Clerk/Receptionist

  1. Requests for tax references.
  2. Issuing general tax forms/guides.
  3. Receipt of post and tax payments.
  4. POAT returns. 
  5. Minimum Wage information.