Tax & Pensions


The Treasury Cash Office is open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 12.00 noon, not including Public or Government Holidays. The Office is closed to the public during the afternoons but please feel free to contact us on 28411to check our flexibility on organising a different meeting time. 


Please note the Cash Office may be closed on certain occasions - advanced notification will be given where possible to inform of any closure.


If you have any queries or are awaiting a payment and need to contact the Cashier to check if it is ready for collection, please phone 28411 or e-mail   


If you are unable to collect cash in person, it is acceptable for someone else to collect it on your behalf provided that they have your written authority to do so and a valid form of ID.


If you would like to make a payment directly to the Treasury, please ensure that you do so during our opening hours as we are unable to accept payment past 12 noon. Payments can be made by transfer to the Falkland Islands Government through Standard Chartered Bank.


Please always remember to include a detailed remittance advicewith any payment made to Government to ensure that money is receipted correctly and applied against the invoices that you intend it to be.


If you are experiencing any difficulties in settling an invoice, please contact in order to discuss potential payment plans. Please be advised that these will be up to the discrepancy of the Falkland Islands Government and designed on a case-by-case basis.