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Commemorative coins are coins that are issued to commemorate some particular event or issue.

The Falkland Islands Currency Ordinance 1987 provides “…for the currency of the Falkland Islands and all matters related thereto” and is administered by 3 Commissioners of Currency.

The Commissioners of Currency are responsible for all matters relating to the design, minting and issue of currency notes and coins, including coins issued for commemorative purposes, on behalf of the Falkland Islands Government. No Falkland Islands currency notes or coins, other than those approved and issued by the Commissioners, are legal tender in the Falkland Islands, although sterling is readily accepted within the Islands

Although the Falkland Islands Government sells commemorative coins through the Treasury and Post Office, there is a limited local market; therefore not all commemorative issues are imported by FIG for local sale from those outlets.

Commemorative coins can, however, be obtained direct from the issuing Mint in the UK, or from local numismatist –