The Falkland Islands offshore area comprises three main basins:The North Falkland Basin (NFB) to the North of the Islands is a classic failed rift basin with a predominantly lacustrine infill. The Falkland Plateau Basin (FPB) to the east of the Islands is a classic passive margin basin with a predominantly marine infill. And the South Falkland Basin (SFB) to the South and South East of the Islands comprises both a thrust belt and an associated foreland basin with marine sedimentary rocks Find our more at the Minerals Resources website



The Falkland Islands Community School (FICS) are a fully inclusive school which caters for boys and girls of all abilities between the ages of 11 and 16, with oversight of those pupils aged 16-18 in Further Education in the United Kingdom, as well as older students in Higher Education. Read more about the School  



FIGAS has been an integral part of Falkland life ever since 1948. The service has gradually evolved from air ambulance, mail service and carriage of officials to passengers, freight, fishery patrol and scenic flights. Find out more about the Falkland Islands Air Service


General Office: 27193



Engineer: 27193


Design Office

Office: 27188


Highways Section

Road Engineer: 27387

Fox Bay road Camp: 27203

Hill Cove Road Camp: 27202

Plant & Vehicle Section: 27183


Power & Electrical Section

All Offices: 27149

Emergancy Calls/Controll Room: 27444


Property & Municipal Section

Emergancy call out Plumbing (FIG only): 55193

Emergancy call out Municipal (Fig only): 55195

Maintenance Manager: 27178

Housing Officer: 27193



Materials Manager: 27176

Quarry Sales: 27182


Water Section

Supervisor: 27446