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Agricultural Services

See below the services the Department of Agriculture provides, please contact us for further information.

Since 2002 the Department of Agriculture has been able to offer a Ewe Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis (scanning) to farmers.pregnancy scanning-300

Worldwide, scanning is used as an important management tool. It allows producers to relatively accurately predict lambing percentage. These results are then used to alter or fine-tune management practises relating to nutrition, health and pasture use. This practise has therefore fitted neatly into the Farm Improvement Programme.

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In 1999 the Department of Agriculture (DoA) set up a link with the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority (NZWTA) to be their accredited representatives toCoring machine oversee the core sampling of Falkland Islands bales of wool. There are many benefits to local wool growers in having their wool cored locally. Mainly it opens up the opportunity to sell wool to a greater number of destinations, sell it in the international market place and gain a price for their product that is based on world market indicators, to rationalise wool freight logistics and to increase flexibility as to time of selling.

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The Farmers Association, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture (DoA), introduced a quality assurance scheme for the

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wool industry. The aim of the voluntary scheme, Quality Falkland Wool (QFW), is to improve the quality of preparation of the national clip through the introduction of specific requirements for infrastructure in woolsheds, standards for preparation and packaging of the wool clip. The DoA acts as an independent body used for accreditation and inspection of the scheme and also provides advice and support to stencil holders.

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The Department of Agriculture is continuously providing and expanding the services offered to farmers through the Farm Mapping project, which can be a useful tool in farm and land management.

The DoA holds external farm boundary data and using a GPS to mark internal fence lines and other farm features which can then be displayed on a map and then used in other mapping calculations and features.

Other information such as corrals, leads, water sources, ditches and areas of interest can be recorded on a GPS unit and used in farm maps.

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laboratory oneThe Department of Agriculture has a large and well equipped laboratory. It is the responsiblity of the laboratory for the processing of all soil and animal feed samples, along with faecial egg counting (FEC).

Soil samples are analysed for a wide range of nutrients including NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium), trace elements and exchangeable cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium).

The laboratory assists with the preparation of fish/squid samples for bacteriology tests. These samples are carried out by the public health laboratory at the Stanley hospital.

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