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Hon Barry Elsby pic

Stanley Constituency
Portfolio: Development and Commercial Services

Tel: 53240
email: belsby@sec.gov.fk

Born in Wales in the United Kingdom, he trained as a doctor in London, worked as a doctor in London and the United Arab Emirates before moving to work in the Falkland Islands in 1990.

Both he and his wife were employed as doctors by the Falkland Island Government until 2013. During his 23 years as a doctor in the Islands he set up and ran an endoscopic bowel cancer screening campaign which led to a significant fall in the incidence of this disease.

Both of his children attended the local schools and he was an elected parental representative on the Board of Education for over 12 years.

He first stood for election to the Legislative Assembly at a by-election in November 2011 and was elected by a land slide majority.

During his first period as an MLA he undertook a number of visits to countries in Central and South America, meeting with Government officials, Intergovernmental Organisations, think tanks and University students in order to explain the realities of the modern, self governing Falkland Islands.

Following his re-election in November 2013 he ceased his work as a doctor.

Barry has lead portfolio responsibility for Development and Commercial Services and secondary portfolio responsibility for Health and Social Services.