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Stanley Constituency
Portfolio: Public Protection

Tel: 54753
email: lroberts@sec.gov.fk

Leona was born in Punta Arenas to a Falkland Island mother and Chilean father. The family returned to the Falklands when Leona was three and other than time spent at college in England, she has lived in the Islands ever since. She is married to David and they have two children, Nick (23) and Deanna (8) and she is proud that they are seventh generation Islanders.

The major part of Leona’s career to date was spent running the national museum, where she spent 14 fascinating and educational years. Her interests are culture, heritage, education and social wellbeing. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing with her family, reading, gaming and, when weather and circumstances permit, fishing.
Leona has lead portfolio responsibility for Public Protection and secondary portfolio responsibility for Education and Community