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Terms of Reference
1. The Committee shall be advisory to Executive Council
2. It shall consider all matters referred to it by Executive Council or such matters relating to the fishing industry as it considers fit.
3. In particular the Committee shall consider:
a) matters relating to the conservation and management of fish stocks, and the development of new fishing opportunities.
b) fisheries licensing policy, and its role in the development of a Falkland Islands fishing industry.
c) the development of infrastructure in support of the fishing industry.
d) The provision of services to the fishing industry, and the encouragement of local companies in providing such services.
4. Matters relating to the flagging and regulation of fishing vessels operating in Falklands' waters.
5. The economic benefit to the Falkland Islands from the fishing industry, and ways in which this might be improved.


MLA Teslyn Barkman (Chairman)
MLA Ian Hansen (Deputy Chair)
Chief Executive
Attorney General
Director of Natural Resources
Head of Policy
Cheryl Roberts
Hamish Wylie
Stuart Wallace
Drew Irvine

Lewis Clifton

Alex Reid (FIFCA reserve member)


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