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Clive Dow

Committee membership

Daniel Greenberg - Technical expert - Project consultant and critical friend
Mike Summers OBE - Member of the Legislative Assembly
Pam Staley - Technical expert - Jersey Law Drafting Office
David Brown - Attorney General
Clive Dow - Overseas Territories and Maritime Team - Foreign and Commonwealth Office (alternate - [tbc] Ian Hendry - FCO)
Roger Edwards - Member of the Legislative Assembly
Ros Cheek - Law Commissioner (non-member - attends committee by invitation)
Stella Middleton - Community Representative
Alex Mitham - Deputy Governor
Simon Bryan - Chief Justice (alternate - Martine Kushner - Senior Magistrate)
Tammara Gorierly - Technical Expert - Law Commission

Committee Terms of Reference

1. The Committee will provide support and high level project assurance for the Falkland Islands Revised Laws project.
2. The project objectives are:
 (a) to publish a statement of the laws of the Falkland Islands which meets the following criteria:
   (i) it is clear, authoritative, complete, reliable and durable;
   (ii) it is published on-line;
   (iii) on-line access is free to any user;
   (iv) hard copy access to stakeholders is enabled;
   (v) it enjoys the confidence of stakeholders;
   (vi) publication occurs by 31 March 2017 (backstop; no later than 1 June 2017); and
   (vii) it is constantly and immediately updated to reflect any change to the laws of the Falkland Islands.
 (b) to make proposals for a programme of additional revision and consolidation of the laws of the Falkland Islands (by end December 2016);
 (c) if approved by the Project Board, to begin the programme for additional revision and consolidation of the laws of the Falkland Islands;
 (d) to achieve best value for money in delivery of the project in accordance with best public service practice; and
 (e) to capture lessons learned during the project and ensure that they are reflected in Falkland Islands Government processes of continuous improvement.
3. The Law Revision Expert Advisory Committee has responsibility for the high level support and monitoring of the project’s performance and products. This means:
  (a) checking that the project remains viable in terms of cost and benefits (business assurance)
  (b) checking that the users’ requirements are being met (user assurance); and
  (c) checking that the project is delivering a suitable solution (specialist or technical assurance).
4. Membership of the Committee is intended to reflect the skills, knowledge and experience relevant to all three types of project assurance (business, user, specialist/technical).
5. In practical terms, the Committee will discharge its responsibilities by:
  (a) proposing a statement of the project’s critical success factors to the Project Board; and
  (b) monitoring, reporting, and providing guidance on the following aspects of the project:
   (i) stakeholder engagement and consultation (are user needs and expectations being met or managed?);
   (ii) wider project communication (are both internal and external communications working?);
   (iii) quality assurance (is an acceptable project solution being developed?);
   (iv) risk management (are the risks being controlled?); and
   (v) progress and direction in accordance with the project plan (is the business case being adhered to?).
6. The Committee will report to the Project Board, will provide strategic guidance to the Board, and will provide support and guidance to the Project Manager.
7. The Committee will meet at least quarterly. It is anticipated that meetings will be held by remote teleconferencing (skype or similar).
8. The Committee is expected to actively engage wider stakeholder groups in addition to the stakeholder engagement carried out in accordance with the project stakeholder engagement plan.
9. The Committee and its Members are also expected to effectively champion the project at an international level.

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