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Main Objective
The main objective of the Post office Committee is to serve the Falkland Islands community interests in ensuring that the Post Office is providing an effective service to meet the community needs.
Terms of Reference
In line with the above objective the Terms of Reference for the Post Office Committee are as follows:

• To discuss on a regular basis any issues or concerns encountered in the levels of service provided to the Falkland Islands community by the Post Office;

• As a result of such issues and concerns, provide advice to FIG on how these might be best managed in the future;

• To inform and advise the Post Office of any potential changing needs in the Falkland Islands that might impact the future shape and nature of the current service provision;

• Where any of the above may have an impact upon the effectiveness of current Policy, to provide advice of what future Policy might be.


MLA Ian Hansen (Chairman)
MLA Gavin Short (Deputy Chair)
Administrative Officer (PO)
Deputy Postmaster (Secretary)
Trish Jamieson
Richard Hines
John Clifford


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