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Terms of Reference of the Standing Finance Committee.
(1) There shall be a Standing Finance Committee consisting of all elected members
of the Council and the Financial Secretary shall be permitted to attend all meetings of the
(2) The Committee shall elect one of their member to be the Chairman of the
Committee and similarly shall elect one of their number to take the chair at any
time the Chairman is not present.
(3) Five members shall constitute a quorum.
(4) If there be any equality of votes on any matter, the proposition is not carried.
(5) The functions of the Committee are to consider -
( a) any request for the provision of funds to those already appropriated by
( b ) any reports from the Financial Secretary as to expenditure or revenue, or
the state of the Consolidated or any other statutory fund; and
( c ) any other fmancial matters referred to it by the Governor on which the
Executive Councilor the Governor requires the Committee's advice.
Save as to (a) above, the functions of the Committee are advisory and not determinative.
(6) A person appointed by the Financial Secretary shall be the Clerk of the
Committee. Minutes of the meetings of the Committee shall be kept and copies
of them shall be supplied to all members of the Council and to the President. No
reports from the Committee are required to the Council, unless called for by the
(7) The Committee shall meet when called by the Chairman, but normally shall meet


MLA Roger Spink (Chairman)
MLA Roger Edwards (Deputy Chair)
All MLAs
Chief Executive
Financial Secretary
Head of Finance

Margaret Butler (Secretary)


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