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1. The Transport Advisory Committee shall be responsible to Executive Council for all matters relating to transport in the Falkland Islands as are referred to it by Executive Council.

2. The Committee shall be chaired by a Councillor to be nominated from time to time by Legislative Councillors. It will have a membership to be agreed by Executive Council, from which number will be drawn a Secretary to the Committee. The Chairman may invite other persons to attend meetings of the Committee to discuss particular topics.

3. The Committee may seek relevant information from all sources internal or external, in order to form opinions, prepare reports and make recommendations. It shall not do anything which might be interpreted as binding the Government in any matter nor shall it commit expenditure without the prior approval of Executive Council or Standing Finance Committee.

4. The Transport Advisory Committee shall in particular so far as referred to it under 1 above:

a) make recommendation on the future planning and construction of a network of camp roads;

b) advise the Director of Public Works on specific self-help and Camp link schemes in accordance with terms of reference already agreed;

c) review from time to time the operations of a Coastal Shipping Service and make recommendations on any revisions to the service;

d) take note of Camp port facilities and jetties, and advise the need for repair, new facilities and new terminals;

e) review from time to time the operations of internal air travel and make recommendations on any revisions to the services.

5. In the exercise of its functions the Transport Committee shall take special note of the inter-relations between land, sea and air transportation and the effects changes to one may have on the others, regarding as its main task the making of recommendations to Executive Council as to the most cost effective long term internal transportation systems.


MLA Roger Edwards (Chairman)
MLA Mark Pollard (Deputy Chair)
Director Public Works
Attorney General's Rep
Road Engineer
Director Development and Commercial Services
Workboat Services Manager
Louise Pole-Evans (Islands Rep)
Harold Neilson (West Falklands Rep)
Gus Reid (East Falklands Rep)
Marvin Clarke (Stanley Rep)

Valorie McLeod (Secretary)


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