The Falkland Islands Civil Aviation Department (FICAD) was pleased to receive an audit report conducted by Air Safety Support International (ASSI) in April. The regulatory designations held by the Department did not change due to the audit; however, the Department received positive feedback.

The highlights of this Assessment Report were as follows:

  • The report indicated that the department had "made significant progress in many areas" since the previous assessment in 2012.
  • The report acknowledged the newly implemented Quality Management System (QMS) within the department, which provides 'clarity' and 'visibility of documentation'.
  • The report acknowledged the strong working relationship the Department has with various stakeholders.
  • Several important steps made towards the FICAD Safety Plan.

FICAD was very pleased with the results of this assessment; however, we will continue to work harder and strive for our long term goal of attaining all possible designations.

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