Permission & Permits

All aircraft entering the Falkland Islands CTR be it for landing or just overflight/transit will require an appropriate Foreign Operators Permit. It is the Falkland Islands Government's policy that all flights are assumed to be of a commercial nature until it is determined otherwise. Therefore the pilots/ operators of all prospective flights will need to submit an application for a Foreign Operator's Permit before an assessment can be made and permission granted where it is appropriate to do so.  Short Term permits can be issued for ad-hoc flights for example; Charters, Medevac Air Ambulance Flights and one off Cargo transport flights. A longer term arrangement to fly to and from the Falklands (beyond 14 days) requires the issue of a seasonal permit.

Foreign Operators Permits – Short Term (<14 Days)

Short term permits are regularly issued to support the community and industry in its needs for air transport with the rest of the world. Everybody must submit a short term application form if they wish to enter the Falkland Islands CTR (whether for transit/overflight, or landing).  Please submit all forms and/or queries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  There are no charges for short term permits.

Foreign Operators Permits – Short Term - Application
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Foreign Operators Permits – Short Term - Information Sheet
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Letter of Permission - Private Flights

Private flights where no valuable consideration has been exchanged or promised for Carriage of Passengers or Cargo will be issued with a letter of permission mitigating the assumption that the flight is of a commercial nature. This letter should be carried on the flight and be made available on request.

Please use the 'Short Term Application' and Information Sheet above for private flight applications.  This also applies to aircraft that only wish to transit/overfly.

Foreign Operators Permits - Seasonal

Airlines operating scheduled flights will do so in line with the respective ASA between the UK & the country where the service will originate. An applying Airline may be required to be 'Designated' by its Home State under the terms of the relevant Air Services Agreement in order to operate the permitted services and it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure such a designation is in order. This also applies to aircraft that only wish to transit/overfly.

Foreign Operators Permits – Seasonal - Application
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There are charges for seasonal permits, and these are the current fees:-

Aircraft with 20 seats or less, or cargo aircraft with MTO 5,700kg or less - £335.00 for 6 month permit.

Aircraft with more than 20 seats, or cargo aircraft with MTO greater than 5,700kg - £835.00 for 6 month permit.