Our Contracts

We publish monthly updated lists of all live (not expired) contracts held by the Falkland Islands


FIG Public Contracts Register - April 2021
Created: Monday, 12 April 2021 08:47 | Size: 118.79 KB

We also publish forthcoming planned tenders so you will be aware of new opportunities due to being released in the next six months.  You should note however that this list is not exhaustive and some

procurements will be short notice.

Procurement Forward Plan
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Recently Awarded Contracts

As an open and transparent organisation, FIG publishes quarterly a list of awarded tenders in accordance with FIG Financial Instructions. below you can download the list of the latest awarded contracts.

Contracts Awarded between September 2020 to End February 2021
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Tender Opportunities

In line with our processes, tenders will be advertised in the Penguin News, on Falkland Islands Radio

and in SAROS. 

We are also developing a Facebook Page with the current procurement opportunities added