Our Procurement Process

FIG officers follow set processes to undertake procurement for goods and services.

For lower value purchases (up to £50,000) quotes are sought from bidders.  A quotation process may use a template with instructions that require some detailed responses or may simply be a request for a price for the provision of item/s or service/s.

Over £50,000 a formal tender process is followed.  This will include an Invitation to Tender document (ITT) that provides instructions and guidance to bidders.  It will include how the tender will be evaluated – ie. whether FIG is looking for the lowest price, or more usually, how quality will be considered along with the price. A specification of what we require will be included in this document or will be provided separately.

The documentation pack may also include:

Quality Evaluation Questions

These allow you to explain how your company is suitable to provide the goods or services to the Government.  The questions will be weighted based on which are more important than others.

Pricing Schedule

This is where you put your price for the goods or services.  It may be a Word document or an Excel Spreadsheet.  Excel is used for the more complicated pricing and will do most of the calculations for your

Drawings, diagrams, maps, or specific requirements

These are commonly used for construction or engineering contracts.