Essential Travel Application

BFSAI have stringent restrictions in place and are working hard to reduce movement from MPC to Stanley; this is in order to limit travel to that which is essential only

FIG has explored options around the introduction of a process so that essential travel is specifically authorised, this will support efforts already in place by BFSAI

FIG have decided to jointly sign registrations under this scheme.

The scheme is intended to reduce travel between the two population centres and thereby minimise the risk of COVID19 across the Falklands..

Anyone travelling from MPC must have written authorisation with them.

People travelling in from Camp may get stopped, in which case they will be offered advice on social distancing.

Persons who use the MPA road for reasons, such as travel to and around Camp, do not need to register.

The form below is for anyone wishing to make an Essential Travel Application. In relation to the registration process itself enquiries should be addressed to your employer in the first instance or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Essential Travel Application
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