Infectious Diseases Control Regulations

  • The Infectious Diseases Control (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 were published in the Gazette yesterday, 23 March, and came into force.
  • The Regulations do not become operational until the Governor makes a declaration of a serious and imminent threat to public Health in the Falkland Islands. [The Governor has now made such a declaration concerning COVID-19; on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer.]
  • The Regulations also require the Governor to make a declaration of what constitutes an “infected area” under the Regulations. [The Governor has now made such a declaration; concerning countries, territories and areas classified by the World Health Organisation as having local transmission of COVID-19].
  • These declarations have an enabling effect only (they do not result in any automatic change). They allow the Regulations to be used by medical officers as a tool; if necessary and proportionate. The Regulations also contain powers of enforcement. However, it is emphasised that efforts will be made to achieve necessary public health protections on the basis of guidance and voluntary practice in the first instance.

The regulations can be viewed at:

Infectious Diseases Control (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 - Summary
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