Protecting Your Workforce During COVID-19

PPE Guidance for non-health workers - 22 May 2020

We are publishing guidance on whether people at work need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The guidance is for those in essential roles but who aren't health workers. It will be useful for Government and for the private sector.

This is not a guidance for the general public. Our advice is that the public do not need to wear a face mask unless advised by KEMH.

Instead, you should practise social distancing when out, and remember always to wash your hands thoroughly after returning home. This will protect you much more than wearing a facemask.

Note however that FIGAS is presently require face masks for passengers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirement for essential non-health workers
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Helping businesses restart operations - 7 May 2020

As part of the Government easing of restrictions, businesses and FIG will begin to restart Monday11 May - with workers from all sectors able to return unless otherwise advised.

This guidance below outlines to businesses what they need to think about and plan for to resume activities and provide a safe environment for staff, and those using their services.

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This document, posted 1 June, lists the activities excluded from resuming – and those defined as essential by the Government under certain circumstances during the COVID-19 response.

It was amended on 8 June to reflect that some previously-excluded activities were able to resume as of 5 June. It was further amended 22 June to reflect the removal of further, previously-excluded activities.

Government keeps the exclusion list under review and will advise of changes and further amendments of this document

Essential Work Occupations and Business Exclusion List
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Guidance provided to the Building Sector on reopening - 22 April 2020

The government has published guidance for the building sector on operating under COVID-19 conditions, under a re-opening allowed on April 22, 2020.

These are exceptional circumstances and the industry must comply with the latest Falkland Island Government advice on COVID-19 at all times.

The Site Operating Procedures are based on Public Health England (PHE) guidance and information provided by the Falkland Islands Government Chief Medical Officer; 

Anyone undertaking construction activities during the COVID-19 pandemic needs to ensure they are protecting their workforce and minimizing the risk of spread of infection. This includes considering how personnel travel to and from site.

This guidance is intended to introduce consistent measures on construction sites of all types and sizes, in line with the Government’s recommendations on social distancing and ensure employers and individuals make every effort to comply.


FIG Site Operating Procedures
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