As part of a raft of recovery measures designed to support businesses and stimulate economic growth throughout the Falkland Islands during the global pandemic, the government is pleased to announce the launch of the BFSAI Tourism Recovery Incentive Programme – or ‘BFSAI TRIP’. This is a domestic tourism stimulus scheme that is open to eligible personnel at Mount Pleasant, provided they are not already registered on the existing TRIP scheme for local residents. It will provide eligible adults with a £100 voucher and eligible children with a £50 voucher to be spent on a tour or experience, provided by registered businesses.

Vouchers will be issued by BFSAI, and individuals will then be able to use their voucher to make bookings directly with providers, quoting their voucher number at the time of booking, and giving the voucher to the provider on the day. Details of registered providers and the tours on offer is available on Staff from the Falkland Islands Tourist Board will be available at Mount Pleasant at times to be advertised, to provide advice on the opportunities available.    

The key elements of the programme are:

  • Each adult will be entitled to a voucher worth up to £100, while children over the age of 2 and under the age of 16 will be allocated a voucher worth up to £50
  • Each voucher must be spent in a single transaction
  • Vouchers will not be transferable and cannot be extended; all vouchers will expire on 31 May 2021
  • The voucher number should be supplied at the time of booking
  • Providers can check that this is a valid code number by contacting FIG’s agent, International Tours and Travel (ITT)
  • The voucher itself should be given to the provider on the day
  • Reimbursement of vouchers to providers will also be managed by ITT, using funding provided by FIG

How the BFSAI TRIP scheme works
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BFSAI TRIP information for businesses
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