Permit/Visa Overview

Persons who are not Falkland Islanders, or who do not have residency rights in the Islands  - holders of Falkland Islands Status and Permanent Residence Permit holders, require a Visitor Permit to enter the Islands, others who are here for work will require a Work Permit, others a Residence Permit. There are some exemptions to this Permit requirement - Ministry of Defence (MOD) personnel on tour, MOD dependents, UK civil servants on business, and aircraft and ships crew do not require permits.

Application forms can be obtained from the Customs & Immigration Service, 3 H Jones Road, Stanley by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When requesting forms please state the type of permit required (Residence or Work) and the duration (Long term i.e. more than 9 months or Short term i.e. less than 9 months).


Persons who are nationals of some countries will require a Visa in addition to a Permit (so too will any dependents travelling).

Non-visa Nationals

Persons wishing to enter as visitors should complete the Landing/Application Form on arrival. Visitor Permits, which are stamped in the passport, are issued on arrival in the Islands. Work Permit and Residence Permit applicants need to apply in advance to Falkland Islands Customs & Immigration.

Persons Requiring a Visa

Those who are visa nationals are required to apply for and secure their Visas and Permits in advance. Nationals of those countries must apply for their Falkland Islands Visitor Permit directly through Customs & Immigration. If successful a Visa will then need to be applied for through a British Embassy, or if the applicant is resident in the UK directly through Falkland Islands Customs & Immigration. Visas must be obtained prior to departure for the Islands.

The Visa nationals list, and the limited number of exemptions to this rule, are available on this website ('Useful Information') .