Visitor Permit

A visitor permit is normally issued on arrival in the Falkland Islands, applications are completed on arrival and not sent in advance. This permit can be issued by an Immigration Officer without referral for one month initially, permit durations longer than one month require referral to the Principal or Senior Immigration Officer.

The total maximum duration is twelve months in a twenty-four month period. Holders are not permitted to take employment.

The requirements that need to be met by the traveller in order to obtain a visitors permit include the following -

  • Proof of onward travel arrangements (i.e. return flight ticket) or sufficient funds to purchase one.
  • Proof of pre-booked accommodation in the Islands.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the intended stay.
  • Adequate medical insurance for the duration of the intended stay to cover aero-medical evacuation costs to a minimum value of USD 2,000,000 equivalent.

Employment is prohibited on a visitor permit however under the Immigration Ordinance there are certain business activities that are permitted, details are in Section 12 of the Immigration Ordinance 1999, examples include  - visiting medical consultant or a technician being required to service specialist equipment. However, this provision is limited to a period or periods aggregating three months in any consecutive period of twelve months. Please contact the Customs & Immigration Service if you believe these permitted employment activities may apply to you.